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Architectural Concrete

What is architectural concrete? It is concrete that not only is designed for function, but for appearance and durability as well. To be created to an architectโ€™s design requires more than just the work of trained workers! It requires the skill of experienced artisans.

Understanding Design Concepts


At Charger Enterprises, we understand what the architect or landscape engineer visualizes as the finished, total project. Anyone can buy some tools and play around with brooms, but to understand how smooth and rough surfaces can interact to create style is the concept of architectural concrete work.

Working with a variety of tools we can create picture frames using edging tools, bricks or tile. We can use salt, exposed aggregate, brooms and color to create some very pleasing effects. Herringbone textures, water courses and planters are all part of our arsenal of effects. Whatever an architect can think of within the work ability of concrete we can turn into reality! Whether it is a courtyard, a roadway, concrete trails or an entrance, we can make it look outstanding.

Often Architectural Specifications require base material and Concrete mix certification. They also may include placement and curing specifications or post placement treatments. We are right at home with these requirements. And we take pride in our hands-on supervision.

School Walk Ways
School Walk Ways
Cultural Center Largo, Florida
Cultural Center Largo, Florida

Architectural Concrete includes colors, stamped designs and another of our specialities, exposed aggregate. Exposed aggregate is an art. It involves removing some of the cement paste from the surface, before the curing is completed. Timing is essential. If done too late, the aggregate will not show well. If it is done too soon, too much cement paste will be removed and the aggregate will eventually become loose. One of our specialties seen below is exposed shell.


Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Good Architectural Concrete Work is not just a studied science, but is also an experienced expression of art.

Charger Enterprises, with 25 years of experience, not only has the knowledge of all aspects of concrete flat-work, but years of the learned skills and art that allow us to give customers more than they pay for.