Pervious Concrete


Some critics claim that Pervious gets clogged with oil and debris. It can if not given minimum attention. Some common sense procedures will keep it performing indefinitely.

All pavements require some maintenance depending on traffic and location. Pervious concrete usually requires much less. But inspection and some attention will keep it working for many years.

As with any pavement donโ€™t blow grass cuttings, mulched leaves or cigarette butts onto it. Even with impervious pavements these items pollute storm water. Be sure the mowing crew is equipped with a blower to propel the cuttings back on to the lawn where they will enhance the fertilizer and not pollute bodies of water nearby. Picture courtesy of Billy Goat Industries.


Any well maintained parking area needs some cleaning. When needed by Pervious Concrete, clean with parking lot vacuums or vacuum sweepers. Sweepers without vacuums do not remove sand from its open cells. Material removed by sweepers should be disposed of as controlled waste. This is true of such material from any vehicle pavement.

When streets or large parking lots are designed, they can be best kept clean by street sweepers which combine brushing with vacuuming. This sweeper the Whirlwind, combines brushing and vacuum functions and it has an extendable vacuum to reach into pervious gutters, without requiring tire intrusion into the gutters.

Picture courtesy of Elgin Sweeper Company, Division of Federal Signal Corporation. Visit:
Picture courtesy of Elgin Sweeper Company, Division of Federal Signal Corporation. Visit:

Concrete stain removers can be used if needed. Acid-based cleaners should not be used since they will attack portland cement and limestone aggregate.

Pressure washing is an acceptable procedure to remove mold or algae. Bleach added in small amounts can keep mold from reappearing for some time. Renew striping as with any concrete. But do not paint Pervious Concrete. It will become Impervious.

In heavy traffic areas such as drive-throughs and gas stations, oil-eating microbes may be included in pavement cleaning. Oil-eating microbes are now available in commercial pavement cleaning products. For best results they should be applied in a liquid carrier and soaked through the pervious concrete to the soil below. Extreme heat will kill them.

So you see Pervious Concrete when properly installed is one of the easiest pavements to maintain.