Pervious Concrete

Proper Installation

Communication. Good Pervious Concrete installation is an investment with an excellent pay-off. It is a team effort. If the site engineer knows how to use it effectively it will be a tool that will help convert the site into a green zone. The aquifer will be refreshed, trees will be protected and flourish and Green Building, LEED points can be earned.

This is what a properly installed slab looks like.
This is what a properly installed slab looks like.

The owner, developer, engineer/architect, general contractor, landscape contractor, ready-mix suppliers and inspectors all need to be thoroughly familiar with pervious concrete and its proper installation. There are no shortcuts to all involved learning about the special qualities of this special product. It is hoped that the material following will provide an outline of what is necessary for good installation.

With good installation natural topography will become an ally to transform the site to an attractive water conservation and management facility.

As work begins it starts with a good foundation, the base.


Good pervious concrete installation team work takes years of training and experience. Each team member then knows what makes a successful installation, and their part on that team, from start to finish. This training takes significant time. One or two temporary workers may be added to a well trained crew for big jobs, but they should not be given any decision making responsibility, regardless of their non-pervious concrete experience. Cross training makes flexibility and growth possible and enables the crew to handle any size project.